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"i can fix him" "i can make him worse" i can make spagetty πŸ˜‡

do you think rob zombie would have said "fuck in the back of my dragula" if he were allowed to, or was saying "slam" instead self-imposed restraint?

Nonbinary lesbians be like "hey do you wanna go on a date to the swamp/bog/marsh area"

i exist in a quantum state of "will kick your ass" and "cant even pick up a spoon"

I think, personally, that @ItsMorgan should be given Power, uncritically and unequivocally.

I have long been a proponent of this proposal.

im at the old world dying

im at the new world struggling to be born

im at the combination old world dying new world struggling to be born

D&D character concept: college of lore bard, on-the-scene news reporter named Kick Rocks

me, when I see kanye west at the supermarket hoarding baking goods: no one man should have All That Flour

NPC: *casts a shadow*
Wizard PC: *casts counterspell*

low-tier superpower I want: the ability to stare wistfully at u from across the street and then disappear when a bus passes

trying to figure out an art-deco / art-neko joke, but i havent figured out the execution yet

through the ditches
through the witches
in the back of my dragula

twitter repost but it's so fucking good I have to post it 


alright, gotta get something off my chest, it's been a long time coming. one time I saw a guy in a bar doing karaoke to "Rap God" and when he was going faster than the song he paused to say "Catch up Eminem!"

every time i see something about microplastics, inevitably it comes with a rider about recycling or banning glitter. but as always, the problem is almost entirely industry - in this case, the fishing industry discarding dragnets in the ocean. not individual consumption.

industrial polluters have decades of experience avoiding consequences for destroying our commons and our bodies by shifting blame to the individual. people need to stop buying into it.

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