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not enough northerners in this chat; it's prolly the great northern vowel shift or somethin

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what does "milk" rhyme with

9/11 is the only event of 2001 the joker does not remember

'harry, you can't mean!', ron breathed gingerly.

'yes, ron', harry said sternly. 'we must do 9/11'

'harry is right', hermione nodded. 'there's no other way'

all three pointed their wands in unison at the world trade centre, and shouted: 'committus ninelevenus!'

Programming a chess bot to find the opponent's physical location and then kill them with a gun

easy way to make a good chess AI 

download stockfish lol, its free


I like it, but it also made me a little sad thinking of the version of Chromatica in another universe that had SOPHIE production

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what if when gimli hit the ring with his axe he just chopped it right in half. totally smashed the thing. and gandalf was like, "damn i thought it could only be destroyed in the fires in which it was forged,, i guess nobody's tried an axe"

i still cant believe i got into chess right after the monads chess tourny

I really wanna buy the "you're in San Diego and I'm in hell" Secret Base hoodie

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