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life can be divided into two parts: before you learn that 80% of the time your elementary school teacher put a video on instead of teaching it was because they were hungover,, and *after* you learn that.


truly really is dangerous to have around the house cuz im always just like. "i could have a truly." every time i open the fridge

worried that i unironically really like the season 11 Tankie Taskmaster painting

Havana Syndrome is likely faked or psychosomatic.

But if it's real: solidarity with the new anti-spook weapon.

if you squash a wasp, it releases a chemical that attracts people who tell you facts about wasps

two trucks holding hands
two trucks holding hands
the passion, the passion
is more than I can withstand

very important sighting just now

[img description: two cute shiba inus sitting in a tj maxx shopping cart together]

Mastodon 2018 was the only time someone could fuck a cube and get away with it

gonna replace the little piezo buzzer that goes "beep" when my computer starts up with a solenoid and a tiny bell. "ding, computer's ready!"

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