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evidence that the Seattle Mariners are cursed

2001: Mariners tie the all-time single-season wins record; lose the ALCS to the Yankess, don't make the world series
2002: Mariners win 93 games, miss the playoffs
2003: Mariners win 93 games again, somehow miss the playoffs again; this is the only time in the modern playoff format that a team has won over 90 games and missed the playoffs twice in a row
2004+: mariners enter the longest active playoff drought in major-league American sports

comrade sandman
bring me a dream
about the collapse
of the bourgeoisie

me, weakly, deflating like a balloon after pulling my dick clean off my body: grip it and rip it babeyyyy

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ATF but their mission is to make sure everyone has enough alcohol tobacco and firearms

years ago i was at the Yamhill (a bar where the main demographics have historically been punks, junkies, and bike messengers) and i made fleeting eye contact with a dude across the room. a complete stranger.

he stood up, ran across the bar accelerating like a gazelle, and fucking tackled me out of my chair.

and that was it. like we stood up and he laughed and hugged me and went back to his seat. we all knew it was cool?

this is how it feels when siddharth runs through your threads. πŸ’›

i hope the "he boot too big for he god damn feet" dog is having a good day

im a creep.. im a weeaboo.. what the hell ahegaoing here..

"what is it like to be a bat" idk just learn to speak bat and ask one

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