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the second NileRed made fucking hydrazine was the moment I knew I was more safety-conscious than he is lmao

you can never underestimate the value to a chemistry experiment of a good pair of running shoes,,

things I refuse to work with as a chemist:
-Hydrofluoric Acid (aka Bone-Hurting Juice)
-Concentrated Nitric Acid (aka Glove-Burning Juice)
-Anhydrous Ammonia (no ty)
-THF (makes explosive peroxides when you're not looking)
-poisonous shit that has to be dissolved in DCM (it ignores your gloves, and skin)
-The physics department

[to the tune of Free Falling]
and I'm yeeeee...

which do you use most commonly in text

I hate how every philosopher just looks like a dude. They used to have robes. They used to be gaundier.

I've always understood calling people "woke" in a dismissive tone ala how "SJW" has been used to be basically an immediate red flag and alt-right dog whistle so seeing multiple posts crop up explaining this outright just confusing me like

Unless you're an alt-righter how can you not know this? :thaenkin:

there's a lot of overhyping of dangers in the chem universe (and underhyping of other genuinely dangerous things like ammonia lol), but HF fully deserves its reputation. shit alarms me with its readiness to go right through your skin and fluorinate your bones.

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