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gotta go throw em in the wash to get the Fraying, i guess thats a good excuse to do my laundry lmao

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update to the "i forgot all my shorts" story: i cut an old pair of levis i dont wear anymore and made jorts lol

just walked by a man who looked exactly like John Darnielle and did a full double take

coming out as an unabashed Lord Of The Rings books stan


@Laser saw someone call it the "fauci ouchie"

I'm gonna try and get the phrase "wacky vacky" to catch on while I'm at the vaccine supersite this weekend

the SM-58 is the only microphone you could club someone to death with and have it still work fine afterwards

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latios and latias are trans, sorry i dont make the rules

Finally finished this piece! It took maybe fifteen hours spread over eight days.

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shoutout to the Shure SM-58 for being both cheap, decent, and indestructible

ae fuck I didn't bring my short shorts to school cuz I forgot I wouldn't be going home for spring break, and now it's the first short shorts day of the year and I have to wear p*nts 😭

(and give all that land back to indigenous americans, to be clear)

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