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a straw only has one hole cuz the top and the bottom are the same; it's a long torus. so then you put one hole in each side of the straw and reshape it a bit, and you have a t-shirt. three holes.

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t-shirts only have 3 holes cuz the neck hole and the torso hole are the same hole

ruining my whole schtick on monads by stating that a mobiüs strip is, in fact, a hole

if a jacie pratfalls in a forest, and nobody thinks it's funny, does xe make a sound?

more trans politicians =/= trans liberation
trans liberation NOT trans assimilation

If you've ever considered mathematics a rational and level-headed field, consider:

Imaginary numbers are called thus because René Descartes didn't like them

sick of musicians talking about Tone Color. sound does not have a color!! its freakign invisible!!

still dont seem right that acoustic only has one c. i want it to be spelled accoustics !

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