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hey you yeah im talking to you boost my toots im hilarious

[walks into bar threateningly, wearing cowgirl hat] I'm here to chew gum, and make friends,,,

[wordlessly offers you a piece of gum]

uspol, reminder 

Im sleepy and its first day of work after 11 day break oso be warned this is gross 

hmm, time to check in with the lads over at reddit dot com and see how they're doing

Gonna use my mouth in ways you will enjoy. Gonna do sex to ya real good.

mocking people whose philosophy I think is bad 

I am the Lorax. I break kneecaps for the trees. I break kneecaps for the trees for the trees have no tire irons.

american money: cotton paper. dissolves in water. pathenic
australian money: bright and colourful. has a see-through bit. tactile bumps for the vision impaired. waterproof plastic material

who wins? nobody. everybody loses under capitalism

confession/unpopular opinion, lewd 

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