@FirstProgenitor i dont own a single pair of non skinny jeans that i like anymore. my favorite jeans are skinny + stretchy + black - the emo trifecta

just logged on to finally unfollow eugen. now i am free

a little rough cut of the Garden Song acoustic cover I've been workshopping

general reminder that "super-straights" are literal reactionary propaganda designed to hijack queer spaces

Lewd nsfw 18+ xxx 

If u like penis coladas lol

i dont even wanna mention how many takes i fucked up by accidentally saying "gluing roses on a flatbread" lmfao

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@Cyborgneticz it's from the same SNL opening bit as him riffing on the constitution. a good series of bits in general.

"the other day the buzzer rang at my apartment, and it was the 101st Airborne Division... and they said, 'Permission To Live In Your House!' and i said, 'third amendment babey'"

some Rough Chord Changes in there, but overall not bad progress given that I only learned it at all last night. song's been stuck in my freakin head all day!!

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