Nobody in history has ever not mixed up John Maynard Keynes and Maynard James Keenan

do say "apropos" too much?

sci-fi should have more Gun With An Engine type ships, in the vein of the A-10 Warthog being essentially built around its 30mm cannon. the FTL Stealth Type B is a good example.


odds the liberals see the GOP so blatantly flaunting the fact that they don't give a shit about democracy, and centrist Dems like Manchin so *clearly* helping them while pretending to be "Bipartisan," and start to realize that those in power will never allow their power to be voted away?

probably pretty low, unfortunately

@binchicken lol yeah, I sometimes catch myself trying to tab-cycle through the units in FTL lmao

I like to think I'm pretty good at FTL; that run required some micromanaging for sure. backup battery for cheap finnicky power, two zoltans, 7 crewmembers, cloak. I even micro the oxygen power to up dodge chance a bit when the backup battery is off. that's dedication.

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I bought a drone system in sector 7 with a combat mk 1 just to be able to get one more shot off to go all the way through shields more often lol, most inefficient single-shot weapon of all time. 100% built around good defense and a halberd beam lol.

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honestly wasn't even that strong a run, only truly good weapon I found was a halberd beam. I was still running the starting dual laser when I killed the boss!! scrap recovery arm certainly helped tho, I had max shields and near-max engines (with a backup battery), and cloak level 2 cuz it lines up better with the boss than 3 imo.

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finally beat FTL with Stealth A on normal lol, and got two of the achievements at the same time! boy, I do *not* like that ship

the Swedish government also just basically collapsed like a flan in a cupboard after the leftmost party pulled out of the governing coalition over disputes about rent control. so maybe that's related, lol.

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lol the Swedish government basically just rejected Valve from hosting TI10 in Stockholm out of nowhere, for no reason lmao.

unsleeping city s1e13 

as much as i love Misty Moore, Rowan is on a *whole 'nother* level of homosexuality and I'm all in on it

"laws... are threats, made by the dominant socio-economic ethnic group of a given nation. it's just a promise of violence, and police are basically an occupying army. you kids wanna make some bacon??" --Bud Cubby, halfling mailman, moments before throwing molotovs at the police station

@Blakely Sauron would have won if he’d offered the hobbits pasta

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