@tarzanboy it's. odd. Idk how I feel about co-opting a YouTube community -- tropes and all -- for an advertisement

just got a beer ad recorded with two microphones in binaural audio -- true ASMR form. Including a pretty lady tapping her fingers on the bottle.

I'm,, confused?

every time a celebrity cameos in something, I always hope someone is gonna do the John Mulaney "is that,, Dean Cain? That's pretty cool" bit.

drug reference, shitpost, not bad or anything 

The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".

Just remembered standing at the bar on Friday night and hearing an American girl say to her friends β€˜something I’ve learned about Scottish people... they really like Dolly Parton’ and I was tempted to swing round and say β€˜Dolly Parton is a FUCKIN ANGEL, IS THERE A PROBLEM HERE’

list of things it's hard to not say in an American Southern Accent:

-Bona fide
-Bless your heart
-Oh, honey,
-I do declare
-Waffle House
-That boy ain't right

"indubitably" is the most posh, least necessary word in existence. just say "undoubtedly," or "absolutely," or "for sure."

It is also tied with "mahogany" for the word that is hardest to not say in a Posh Southern English Accent.

skee-lo: I wish I was a little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller
me: okay, I'm with you
skee-lo: I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her
me: sure, makes sense
skee-lo: I wish I had a rabbit in a hat
with a bat, and 64 impala
me: ,I, guess?
skee-lo: I wish I was like 6'9"
me: you lost me, skee-lo, that's too tall. you'll hit your head on door frames

A Eulogy to an Egg McMuffin (a free form poem) 

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