did you know that cars raised without humans don't even honk? that's only something they do to communicate with us.

id also happily join the ranks of any hyperintelligent insectfolk or fungi that might visit our world

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my construction of sentence which are almost, but not quite, completely incomprehensible and unwieldy, is certainly their fault

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slowly realizing that douglas adams and terry pratchett are responsible for far too much of my sense of humor -- as well as my unhealthy obsession with m-dashes

@FirstProgenitor of course the report also could be from binchicken,,, but australia also is not that time zone

@FirstProgenitor its also 13:17 here lol, must be the masto.host cloud server time zone? if/when i start self hosting ill have to test that out

@flowless i double majored in Dipshit Science and Fool Arts at Clown College

we are doing new ground breaking research on being a dipshit every day here. im at the forefront of dipshittery

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