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he was basically a cross between Patrick Page's Hades and David Tennant in Good Omens (also attached for reference), casually mind controlling the party for fun while they sprinted away through a church. It felt very Scooby-Doo.

Also, I learned that Sharp-Dressed Man is great battle music for a certain vibe. it would fit well in Umbrella Academy.

look, I'm not a furry, but the Rakshasa is honestly,, kinda hot?

Before I told the party what it was, I described his human form as basically being Patrick Page in a well-tailored suit, red tie, and black aviators (Patrick Page photo attached for reference). They kept calling him Sharp-Dressed Man -- so naturally, Sharp-Dressed Man was the battle music for that fight. And it worked so well, given how I described him casually sauntering towards them as they ran away terrified.

excuse me what the fuck ????

apparently Enterprise charges 19 year olds 2.5x as much as a 25 year old for a rental

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