psh, kids theze days and their nyquil chicken,, back in my day we used Allegra, and we Liked it!!

excuse me sir?? can i help you??? this is the great plateau what are u doing here

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spider (very small) 

jumping spider on my monitor,! hes reading my timeline.....

for those who doubt my bullshitting prowess: it does actually work! but you gotta manually reset it on the vertical axis or it just stays there lol

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its alive!! right joycon is still broken, but. modern problems require modern solutions 😎

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here's my top 5 albums of the year over the past five years - in no particular order, limited to one album per artist to keep things fresh (and with 2022 obviously having the caveat that it doesn't include music which has not been released yet lol)

look at this page of all the best hitting seasons... do you notice anything strange? like the fact that Ichiro appears *twice* on it (including the #1 spot!)?? and that nobody but Ichiro has gotten over 240 hits in a season since 1930??

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