this dude is listening to something out loud. In the airport. It's violent and involves gunfire.

I wish to axe kick his phone.

try to spot something in this picture that isn't a shade of blue or grey. You can't. I didn't color-change this, just made it look marginally less sad.

This is the prettiest picture I was capable of taking from my seat. Much more a testament to my camera than Newark though.

captured the spirit of Newark Airport in a single image. Desaturated to correct for my camera thinking I was trying to take a beautiful picture.

made my connection guys. got to take a bus through the underdepths of Newark Airport. my flight is delayed an hour. Gonna get food. Ugh.

they're fucking bussing us to the terminal cuz there aren't any gates

this easy connection is now a nightmare, and many people's medium connections just closed the doors. Fuck you, Newark Airport.

(selfie, EC)

you ever get so Galaxy-Brained that you try to both-sides two *literally antithetical* character archetypes

hey, any dentists out there? is that,, a wisdom tooth? (CW uncomfortable closeup of my mouth)

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