Minnesota Republicans: this bill aint shit
[30 minutes later.....]

@jacethechicken@chickenfan.club god lmao

"i didn't read it before i voted on it, can we get a do over"

@heartles @jacethechicken the state of the democratic party is such that i'm willing to call that guy a hero for enforcing "no takesies backsies"

@jacethechicken wait is this actually a real thing?? i've been wanting to look into it for medical stuff but the legalized program in minnesota is like... comically impossible to apply for

@kat as far as I can tell, yes! the bill was framed as if it was just regulating the amount of delta-8 in stuff, but it also applies to delta-9 lmao

@jacethechicken god it would do so much good for so many people i know up here and everyone has been wanting it to happen

thank god occasionally the system fails and a republican fucks up hard enough for it to actually represent the voters

@kat huh, I was able to read it once but when I opened it back up it paywalled me

@jacethechicken looking at the comments and they're all just "but this is limiting the shitty kind that doesn't work and also the kind that does work and now everything is only half the dose you need to get high and it's terrible" and people just replying

"eat two of them"

@jacethechicken (sobbing) now i have to eat two brownies instead of one

why is life so cruel to me in particular

@jacethechicken (my actual question is are either/both of these oils being regulated like actual get-high juice or is it like the "CBD goop that cures your cancer and makes your farts smell nice" fake medicine at every gas station)

@jacethechicken "Waaah! I didn't read the thing I signed. You have to undo it!"

Like they would offer any such thing were it the other way around.

@jacethechicken Minnesota GOP: "I was elected to LEAD not to READ"

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