andy ngo is doxxing Stop Cop City activists in atlanta now; I guess the struggle defending the atlanta forest is becoming mainstream enough to attract broader reactionary opposition


of the dozens of people who have been arrested recently, only a few out-of-state 20-somethings have been leaked by the police media apparatus so far. they're trying to construct an "outside agitators" narrative, as usual. but the fight to defend the only truly forested city in the country from deforestation, and prevent the construction of the largest cop training facility in the country, is one everyone has a vested interest in.

the most recent batch of arrests came last week, during an attempt to sweep out residents of the forest and destroy tree sits which faced heavy resistance. but all 8 of the arrests that day were made elsewhere, in a nearby public parking lot. they were then trotted in front of the media and re-cuffed, to make it look like they *were* the people fighting back (even though the cops were firmly unable to capture any of them)

media ate up the cops' story that those arrested were involved in the alleged throwing of a molotov cocktail - which they were already detained at the time of, as any journalist who did their due diligence would have noticed.

anyways. stop cop city, defend the atlanta forest, fuck the police and all those who believe their lies

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