@jacethechicken and heteroerotic vortex isn't banned? Extremely homophobic

@jacethechicken I read "greater blåhaj blast"
Which would also be appropriate

@jacethechicken "i maindeck four copies of homoerotic vortex against every matchup
i hardcast it. and also i play it from my hand for its mana cost"

@swiff I know you were part of the council but I heard that you had a mining-related emergency come up so you missed the tallying of the votes and the announcing of the final decision

@swiff I know you had some strong thoughts about transmute Idaho, how do you feel about seeing it on the banned list?

@bees It's definitely better for the health of the competition, and i cannot argue against that, but i strongly, STRONGLY disagree with its banning.

It's like replacing all umpires in baseball with multiple computer camera angles, which would objectively make for a "fairer" sport in so much as such a thing can be quantified.

Yet, when you actually propose "remove all umpires" a lot of baseball fans have a very visceral reaction to that.

So to with a spellcaster's right to transmute idaho.

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