pixel 6 camera good.... this is with the 2x lens, zoomed digitally to like 5.5x


Somebody here was posting about fake ladybugs, which is a type of bug that pretends to be a ladybug, but isn't. You can tell them because they have an M shape on their head. And they're stinky when frightened. And try to get in your house in the cold months....


oh my god. i want that phone so bad. i got the 5a just before it came out though lol

@baronnarcveldt I hate that I know google is stealing my data with it, but like. good god the camera is nice

@jacethechicken @baronnarcveldt I have the 3 and Verizon has been trying to get me to upgrade... I don't need it but I've been considering it lol

@pizza @baronnarcveldt I had a 2 for ages and loved it, only upgraded cuz I smashed it on a concrete warehouse floor lol

@jacethechicken @pizza @baronnarcveldt the byproduct of surveillance capital is really nice lenses, and none of us are going to ‘mister gotcha’ a beautiful friend photo

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