psa: your co-workers who have been there for longer and don't work as fast as you aren't ""lazy,"" they're exhausted. they were in your position once too, and felt like they had to put in all their energy ito the job -- and they burnt out. you should learn from them, and slow down now. take rest breaks and coffee breaks, let things take a little longer; your reward for extra speed will only ever be more assignments, inevitably grinding you down. your exploitative employer isn't worth it.

genuinely, the best advice I ever got at work was: slow down.


slacking off is praxis. getting paid to sit on your phone and drink coffee is praxis.

@jacethechicken this is why I teach my robotics students the importance of time theft

@jacethechicken find excuses to both walk AND sit down! Rest and exercise are both crucial to your mental health.

@jacethechicken seeing a lot of this shit on my fb TL and I’m sad that my family and friends can’t see how brainwashed they are.

Never do work you aren’t being paid to do.

@jacethechicken The thing about it that kills me is how it hijacks a communal work ethic for the benefit of the ownership class. "We're all in this together." Homie we are fucking NOT.

@radicalrobit @sweetmercury @jacethechicken 🎵 work like nobody's watching
Live like you'll never retire 🎵

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