what does "milk" rhyme with

not enough northerners in this chat; it's prolly the great northern vowel shift or somethin

fwiw, I've lived in the south enough to also sometimes have a southern accent, and when I'm in that voice I do say it like "silk"

@jacethechicken oh my mistake! it must be a regional thing - well people around here call all sodas COKE

@jacethechicken my kid says this. We fight about it.

Do you also say "aig"?

@InternetEh leg and egg do definitely rhyme, but they're both somewhere between an eh and an ai vowel

@jacethechicken I say it regular, obvs. But I learned that the "L" in milk is called a "dark L" and that's how almost all of them are for the philly accent ex. "philyadelfya"

@jacethechicken unless I'm rly focusing on enunciation milk sounds like silk which sounds like elk which does Not sound like ilk

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