hot take: if an unelected body of 9 people can look at a centuries-old document written by slaveholders and say that document gives landlords the right to evict people in the middle of a pandemic, we should get rid of that unelected body and that centuries-old document

theres lots of other reasons to overturn the US government, to be clear

Well, yes, the US constitution is outdated. For a lot of reasons. But to get a new one, you must overthrow a very sophisticated system. Bc whole politics are in the hands of some few families, with their financial empires, which are bigger then the actual state union.

@jacethechicken the nine unelected people are the only bit in there that is close to sane. The problem isn't that they exist or the job the do. It's that when they do things that aren't in the public interest the three branches of government don't work out something good.

Other modern docracies have similar bodies, but their members aren't household names.

That ancient piece of text needs serious updating.


Judical Review isn't even in the constitution they fucking made it up so they could prevent laws abolishing slavery to pass.

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