@jacethechicken government assigned fursonas implies government commissioned fursonas

@jacethechicken Those are just the Australian government's _official_ fursonas.

In a few decades, someone in the US will file a freedom of information request and find out that the CIA has commissioned hundreds of fursonas to destabilize Latin America and the Middle East.

@jacethechicken you know this explains a lot of the weird stuff you see in ads. You hire creatives, things get interesting

@InternetEh @jacethechicken Actually the artist is not a furry, just online like everyone who isn't in the Australian government, apparently.

Furries flooded in and the artist had to post a PSA that they were going to be sorely disappointed if they were looking for more furry art.

Though furry being furry, God knows if that changed since any of the articles I read.

@jacethechicken Happy to see Australia at the vanguard of nationalizing Fursonas.

@jacethechicken I can't get over how wholesome this is too. Like that they're not a furry artist, that they were really concerned with getting things right. <333

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