instances I just defederated with for replying to nazis in my mentions:

any more fucking takers? I'm not in a particularly permissive mood today. (would have done it already if I had encountered your name, but also dropping the n word is another ""good"" reason)

few more!

they're really just coming out of the woodwork and into my mentions today

idk why they think they'll get any reaction out of me other than instant defederation. not that they care lol, they're all on block evading pleroma instances (clearly a block evasion alt)

what a fun day (speaks for itself, but also admin has the t-slur and f-slur in their bio)

I guess I'll chuck another somewhere in this thread

also apparently,,, and managed to find their way into this thread in my mentions, despite all also being defederated long ago. i love pleroma.

also there's someone from in here replying to a user - I thought that was an official instance, what are they doing federating with neckbeard? (hosts a fucking cryptocurrency bot, also says "honk" all over their instance) (not only do they federate with nazis, but they're also proud of being br*tish ๐Ÿคฎ) (pretty self-explanatory unsubtle nazi shit; i'd just never heard of it)

also at some point literal kiwifarms users showed up in the thread vaguely adjacent to my mentions of people I've defederated, apparently? well. anyone who doesn't think are nazis, look at who showed up to defend them.

nazis sure do take offense when I publicly say that I don't want them or their sympathizers anywhere near me. seems like, given the evolution of the thread I've picked up from the @s of the few that I haven't defederated yet, that they're spending a lot more energy on trying to annoy me than I am on just blocking them, rolling my eyes, and moving on

"antifa are the real nazis" lmfao are they even trying today

to anyone else reading this thread and feeling defensive: you're jumping to the defense of fucking kiwifarms,, FSE, and countless other literal unashamed nazis that I haven't bothered to list out in this thread (cuz I've had them defederated for ages) that have been in my mentions today - plus new additions like "," or "" why might these be the people you want to jump to the defense of? what do you see in them? why do you even want them in the same galaxy as you?

pleroma crimes, federating with, etc etc


racist against the br*tish?? fuck yeah I am lmfaoooo

ยท ยท 4 ยท 21 ยท 29

god. this is actually the funniest thing someone has ever tried to insult me by saying

oh, good morning! that thread is somehow still going, and my work is never finished ( alt, slurs, etc etc) (replying to is even worse)

wheeeee! I just love being a power tripping mod who abuses their power authoritarianly by [checks notes] not wanting to interact with reactionaries and harassers (mention lain, get blocked, it's that easy)

I love how they're always like, "if you defederate with any instance that has shitty people on it or who constantly interact with reactionaries, you're gonna end up not federating with our entire circle of the fediverse!!" like yeah lmao that's the goal (literal nazi imagery, also csa) (fucking ayn rand quotes in bio lmao) (n words, alt, etc etc)

they only get less subtle with time

also had a user being annoying about me posting my blocklist, but don't know if their moderators will deal with it. they also don't federate with ""tankies"" such as monads and radtown, so prolly just not worth the time.

eh, why not one more (bona fide nazi shit, the usual)

and how about (using a email is enough in my books) for good measure

@jacethechicken Ah yus, the British race, that's the one they host at Cheltenham yus? might wanna add it's a "free speech" that sent a friend of mine sa threats and sexual harassment

@jacethechicken I've never had a good experience with tailswish. Pretty sure I blocked the whole instance

@jacethechicken Jacie doing the lord's work out here, thank you for your service

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