i should do everclear shots some day,, just outa curiosity

alc, video 

"tastes like, pain? tastes like, the casual cruelty of the universe?" lmao


@jacethechicken it tastes like nothing and just dries out your mouth like none other lmao, it's painful


@skelly I'm a sick fuck who enjoys vodka shots, so maybe I'm the market for it,,!


@jacethechicken :psyduck: it's like drinking lab-grade alcohol that just isn't denatured ahaha

i've tried with the 190 proof stuff

also real fast trip to alcohol poisoning land lmao


@skelly yeah, well, the denaturing is the only thing keeping me from doing lab-grade ethanol shots!! wash it down with some boiling water to cool your throat off after why don't you

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