layers may be complicated, but damn if they aren't robust. a less-thorough rule system would probably break down around interactions like 2 [[opalescence]] and a [[humility]]

@jacethechicken what IS the correct order of operations on that interaction

@CyclopsCaveman @swiff their power and toughnesses depend on the order they entered in, but all of them end up creatures without abilities

@swiff what p/t each of them has depends on the order they entered the battlefield - the p/t-defining part of the abilities all apply in the same layer, so just go in timestamp order - but all of them end up creatures with no abilities, and it doesn't matter that they have no abilities cuz they all started applying before they got removed, don't worry about it

@swiff so if Humility entered most recently, all of them are 1/1s; if Humility entered first, all of them are 4/4s; if Humility entered in the middle, the new Opalescence is a 1/1 and the other two are 4/4s. either way, none of them have any rules text.

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