D&D racism, subtooting someone not on here 

if you can't make a D&D campaign compelling without having at least one species of Inherently Evil Bad People Who Are Just Naturally Warlike, you're probably racist, and also a really lazy writer 🤷‍♀️

D&D racism, subtooting someone not on here 

@jacethechicken Oh gods D&D has /so/ much of this shit in general, too. Species having predefined alignments! Dragons! All the chromatic dragons are Inherently Evil and all the metallic dragons are Inherently Good!


(Other systems often seem to be a bit better about this, fortunately.)

D&D racism, subtooting someone not on here 

@IceWolf alignment is meaningless at the best of times, but when applied to entire species it's just Actively Terrible. I ignore it all the time, and have considered remaking a monster manual without alignments included at all (among other changes)

D&D racism, subtooting someone not on here 

@jacethechicken @IceWolf I've made some notes on a similar subject for my campaign, peeling away the racial biases on various lineages and even removing the chromatic/metallic dichotomy from dragonkind in favour of associating them with minerals in general

I also took humans out of the spotlight and moved the majority of them into their own little space, which is ruled by zealots with claims of divine right and considerably behind the rest of the world's progress

Also added foretbwat's imp/sylvan goblins to the setting because they heckin' cute

D&D racism, subtooting someone not on here 

@jacethechicken That's why I decided to almost fully redo drow lore for my latest character. 'This entire race of dark-skinned matriarchal elves is evil' is just bad and boring and I didn't want to do that. There are way more interesting ways to explore subterranean elf culture.

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