I once again find myself in Hartsfield-Jackson International Hellport


once an airport gets big enough, it develops a malicious sentience. Hartsfield-Jackson, as the world's busiest airport, is the single evilest building ever created. it has to consume about 20 people per day to satiate it's sinister hunger -- all of whom vanish completely unnoticed among the 300,000 daily passengers with the misfortune to enter it.

@velexiraptor this airport has been under construction for literally as long as I can remember

@jacethechicken it's cover for an ongoing battle between adventuring parties trying to kill the airport mimic and the mimic's many mouths and tentacles

@velexiraptor the airport is mostly in "unincorporated land," which just means it's fractured into feudal factions. the TSA faction is the one that sacrifices people to the airport to satiate it's vile hunger

@jacethechicken @velexiraptor just left there last week and yet again must enter it on Tuesday. I was making a round trip all in the same day, with 6 hours in between. The airport knew this, and its rage was palpable as it felt me escape rather than miserably ride the rails to and fro to kill the time, as this is the method by which it gleans the greatest energy.

@velexiraptor @hammerhead I always make sure it doesn't choose me to be consumed by repeating the sacred prayer: "the next stop is for T gates: T as in Tango! please remain on board for domestic baggage claim and ground transportation."

@velexiraptor @hammerhead @jacethechicken hartsfield-jackson airport is like a temple to the dark god DELTA, archfiend of atlanta

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