@jacethechicken I like to picture them just... rolling with it.

"The forest!!"
"Is it actually moving though?"
"...Well, no. But there's a lot of blokes with branches."
"Oh, *screw* those witches!!"

@jacethechicken in a school production of the Mikado, the line “the heir to the Mikado is not slain!” is the cue for the heir (Nanki-poo) to enter. However, on one night, Nanki-poo was distracted and missed the line, resulting in a minute of myself as Ko-Ko and my friend as Pooh-Bah ad-libbing an argument about whether we had “perhaps actually slain him by accident in the process of establishing an alibi for his falsified death?” and arguing about who else might have done so. Eventually the actor did come on and we continued, but it was fun.

@jacethechicken i thought he was calling his wife "my lord"

"My wife, (who is) my lord, is dead"

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