pronouns update!
-xe/xem/xyr: my favorite! especially the "xyr" part, love that
-ey/em/eirs: also cool!
-fae/faer/faers: especially if I'm doing something chaotic
-other neopronouns: sure, mix it up! hell yeahh
-they/them/theirs: the Coward's Choice, but acceptable
-she/her/hers: has Flirtatious Implications, only if you know me

@jacethechicken dope!!! Xyr really does have a cool sound to it, saying it out loud

@jacethechicken the cowards choice, haha oof I feel attacked. Neo-pronouns in action are a bit of a blind spot for me. I've yet to have someone who uses them in my life, so I've never really used them in conversation

@jacethechicken "the coward's choice" feels like being stabbed in the heart lol

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