the No True Scotsman fallacy, but it's arguing that there are No True Scotsmen, Period. the order Scotsidae, known as the True Scotsmen, went extinct a long time ago; all currently-extant Scotsmen are actually more closely related to weasels and other Mustelids than they are to the True Scotsmen lineage

explaining this joke cuz it's kinda dense 

basically it's a joke on how lots of taxonomy orders are called like the "True _____," i.e. the order Diptera is called the True Flies to contrast with things we typically call flies but are only tangentially related. Thus, the "True Scotsmen" could be a taxonomy order, which by the No True Scotsman Fallacy does not exist anymore

of course, since No True Scotsman *is* a fallacy, that means there *are* still members of the Scotsidae family; they were historically mislabeled as either Frenchmen (frenchidona) or Rodents (rodentia), but have recently been recategorized as part of our continued efforts to fix the countless historical errors in the taxonomical tree as new, better genetic data becomes available. it just goes to show how deep the problem really goes...

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