it whips so hard y'alle, this isn't even a real bolt it's just a piece of fiberglass rod left over from making the bow

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update: it is Too Powerful to be Contained, and vibrated itself apart. easy fix, but I need a better way to attach it to the body.

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also my foot slipped off the stirrup while drawing it one time and it punched me in the chest jcjanrjsksjjsbfjsj

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all in all, a great success for the first time putting it together! tomorrow I'll hopefully find a better way of putting it all together

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@PsyChuan it's a crossbow; I can pick it up! I just had it on a sawhorse so I could film it

@Satsuma yeah doesn't feel *great,* but a distinct learning experience

@jacethechicken Oh you were using a sawhorse to balance it. I thought you built a fucking ballista at first.

@jacethechicken YOU BUILT A BALLISTA??! that's my favourite quarantine project I've seen anywhere thus far

@Ethancdavenport technically just a crossbow -- it's just sitting on a sawhorse so I can film the shot -- but essentially, yeah lmfao

@CornishRepublicanArmy technically just a crossbow, it's not attached to the sawhorse I was just resting it there so I could film it. but basically, yeah!

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