I know everyone out there is havin a weird time financially, but uh. I do not have a job, and it's looking like I will continue to not have a job for the foreseeable future.

so here's a few things you can commission me for!

- cover any song, in multiple parts on guitar + vox
- *write* and record a song, in the same style
- DM a d&d game for you, 1-on-1 (a very underrated way to play imo) or with a party.
- nudes / solo porn! (check out my lewd alt for a preview :blobuwu: )

(also not that you have to in any way, there's people with more need than mine, but if you wanna buy me a coffee or somethin: βœ¨πŸ’–)

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@jacethechicken i havent even thought about freelance DMing ... i may have to steal that from you as a fellow unemployee :blobcatlook:

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