Ra Ra Rasputin,
It is the monoene of Teflon!

Ra Ra Rasputin,
Decomposes rapidly;
Unsaturated fluorocarbon!

an ancient and powerful post, returning stronger than ever in out time of great need to restore balance to the fediverse

explaination of the chemistry:

-tetrafluoroethylene is C2F4
-you can chain a bunch of them together to get Teflon, -(CF2)-

-if it's not in Teflon, it's very reactive, and will react with almost anything or even just decompose into C and CF4
-the reason it's reactive but Teflon is not, is because it's an unsaturated fluorocarbon -- the carbons have a double bond, instead of making more bonds to other things. Once it becomes Teflon, however, the polymerizarion means each carbon is saturated.

@jacethechicken i dont understand a single word of the non-Rasputin part of this reference but i know it's an absolute BANGER if you know chemistry, well done

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