overpopulation is not and will never be a problem. we have the resources, we just need to distribute them and stop the trend of mass unnecessary consumerism in the West

@dredmorbius clearly you've never read Emmett Drägondiez's work on sustainable population models and resource distribution -- it's a cornerstone of the modern field of population science.

@jacethechicken Clearly I haven't:"Emmett%20Drägondiez"&btnG=Search&as_sdt=800000000001&as_sdtp=on


@dredmorbius it might help if you look up his full name: Emmett Drägondiez Nuts Across Your Face!

@jacethechicken @dredmorbius lol they have a link to their reddit account in their profile.

@jacethechicken At least this one actually looked the name up and didn't just say "I'll add it to the list" or some shit?

I'm sure this tooter has been Siddoned one or twice before. I sometimes wish there was someone keeping score.

@jacethechicken @dredmorbius absolutely wrecked

much like your chud and racist notions of overpopulation being the problem!

@jacethechicken @dredmorbius you didn't have to do em like tha- naaah just kidding fuck malthusianism

@jacethechicken we don't have enough resources, but that's not because there aren't enough resources. someone's just holding the resources hostage.

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