Casual Sex implies the existence of Ranked Competitive Sex

I used to be really into Competitive Sex, but now I just mostly have Casual Elder Dragon Sex

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@jacethechicken hardstuck plat on my bottom account but I'm a masters top

@jacethechicken I have a 1 rep max of around 90 minutes.

Also, there's casual, competitive, and Dark souls sex (you wander the hood at night carrying a torch and fuck raw)

@m4iler @jacethechicken Jesus christ...

I want sure whether to laugh or shake my head, so you get both.

An online international ranking system where every time you have sex with someone they can write a review and/or rank you on certain aspects.
We can finally know who is the top shagger

@jacethechicken @thatgirllily I’ve been to a sex competition. I won the award for best at oral sex. Seriously.

@jacethechicken is it a team based performance like doubles figure skating, or is it one on one like wrestling

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