reminder: if you made 5000 dollars a day since the year 1219 -- 800 years ago! -- you would still have less total money than Jeff Bezos made *EVERY WEEK* during 2018.

Bezos made over 1.5 billion per week that year; you would only have 1.46 billion

also 5000 a day for 500 years is still short of a billion.

every billionaire deserves the guillotine.

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for a neat sense of scale: 1 million seconds ago was 11 days. 1 billion seconds ago was 1987. 100 billion seconds ago was 1151 BCE.

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so that means you could make a dollar per second -- or 86,400 dollars per day -- since the beginning of the Mayan calendar in 1102 BCE. And still have less money than Bezos does, even after his divorce.

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@jacethechicken for scale, how much money is there, in USD, right now?

Like what percentage of 'murikan currency does this single person hold?

Or do we, the general public, even know?

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@eryn the net worth of the U.S. is around 123.8 Trillion dollars, so Bezos by himself doesn't really register -- there's just too many rich shitheads here. But him, Gates, and Buffet do have more wealth than the entire bottom half of the US. also the top 1% have 39.6% of the nation's wealth, and the top 5% control 66.7%

here's some ""fun"" wealth inequality stats:

money discussion, scale, uspol? 

@eryn and to be clear, Bezos's ~.1% of the nation's net worth is pretty fucking absurd still, it just doesn't sound that spooky. But one guy owns about 1/1000th of the wealth of the ENTIRE NATION

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