chemistry hot tip: if you encounter a compound with a Fluorine that isn't already bonded to a Carbon, that compound belongs in Someone Else's Lab


there's a lot of hyperbolic popsci writing about dangerous chemicals that makes it sound like they should never be touched when, in reality, they just demand respect. Fluorine is not one of those chemicals.

If it's not Fluoride ion or a C-F bond (literally the strongest bond in ochem, aka Teflon), I won't work with it. Full stop, not worth the risk. HF Acid dissolves *glass,* y'alle!

@jacethechicken low concentration HF (1-2%) is pretty safe as long as you wear proper PPE and have Calgonate on hand. I use it to etch wafers once in a blue moon.

LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE THOUGH...there's a running joke about how you can tell how long someone's been working with fluorine by how many fingers they have left. :|

@hafnia that joke also goes for how long you've been working with High-Energy Nitrogen Compounds. Azide groups are fun, right?

@hafnia when we were running over simple functional groups, someone in my class said "why would an Azide group exist? that seems really unstable." and the prof just said "yeah they pretty much just blow up"

@jacethechicken Totally 😛

I mean, I'm one to talk, I do a lot of stuff with cadmium and the like, but at least mine's a, "kills you slowly", I guess...

@jacethechicken I think I remember someone asking our AP Chem teacher about HF acid one time and he said "I don't fuck with it."

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