apparently someone got doxxed and fired for their pro-union stance, and now /r/walmart is flooded with pro-Union memes

Can it be? Reddit has done something,, good??

srsly tho, it's pretty rad

(HO is Home Office, the people who apparently found that guy and got him fired, and are also apparently spreading BS about unions)

@jacethechicken I'm tempted to leave IWW pamphlets around in walmart the next time I go but I don't want my mom to get mad at me for doing it
@jacethechicken walmart has *always* been anti-union. when you do your CBLs (computer training) they drill it in to your head to never have anything to do with unions or they'll fire you. lol

@jacethechicken LOL! Love the use of "alchemy" in that 2nd one. Alchemy being bunk science adds that extra layer of "this is bunk" to it and it's beautiful.

@KitsuneAlicia @jacethechicken Alchemy was also an attempt to make "lesser" metals into gold.
> surplus of labour isn't pushing down wages

@jacethechicken that last one has been a favorite forever. idk why, the artwork just always caught my attention

anyway! thank you for this 💚


@jacethechicken A couple of places have been hiring PIs to figure out who the organizers and agitators are.

All the old tricks are new again.

@jacethechicken the person who was fired was fired for unrelated reasons, but on his way out he said "start a union for me"

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