fun fact: it's possible for a binary star system to get too close to a supermassive black hole, such that one of the stars will get pulled into an irregular orbit and the other will get Yeeted (via Gravity Slingshot) at like 700 km/s. For scale, that's three times the solar system's orbital velocity around the Milky Way, and fast enough to escape the galaxy entirely.

these are called Hypervelocity stars, and they were predicted to exist almost 20 years before one was found.

(there may also be other mechanisms to cause them, such as Supernovae separating binary stars; the one I described is called the Hills mechanism)


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@jacethechicken never thought I'd read the words "star, irregular orbit and yeeted" all in the same sentence.


@jacethechicken GET OUTTA THE WAY I'M A STAR 🌟

@jacethechicken what will happen to the planets in that system?

@Wolf480pl they'd prolly get ejected too and become rogue planets. and yes that's the real name

@jacethechicken damn, so you can't take advantage of the star being yeeted to leave the galaxy...

@Wolf480pl I mean rogue planets can also leave the Galaxy, or at least have extremely elliptical orbits that extend past the edge and come back

@jacethechicken but they're far from their star, so they freeze to death :/

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