@jacethechicken This but unironically. And they're way more vital for your health and safety and society as a whole than going and killing brown people for their oil.

@lousycanuck oh I wasn't being ironic either, it's just the format is making fun of pro-cop Facebook "memes"

Probably random car accidents. Or getting infections from trash. Hanging on the outside of a moving truck isn't very safe.

@popefucker @jacethechicken @deathmlem But that sounds like just any other manual labor/job. While it's commonly believed that the bullets and shrapnel are more dangerous.
Does that mean that policemen or soldier is among the safest jobs out there?

No, obviously.
You can just look up the statistics if you're interested.
@jacethechicken @deathmlem

@amiloradovsky @jacethechicken exposure to dangerous materials (biohazards, sharps etc), exposure to disease and large object accidents (vehicle collisions, falling items, etc). there's a lot of research/reading on how dangerous it is and it's one of the most important jobs to ensure civilian health. bless these bros tbh


also trash people perform a vital public service which is important to our society's public health

cops just oppress people


Turns out if you carry a gun and wear a ballistic vest at all times, you're less likey to die than a fucking pizza delivery person, let alone a profession that works with heavy machinery and hazardous materials.

Cops are fucking cowards with a victim complex.

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