me, age 15: I think we should provide basic necessities to people

my dad: you'll become more conservative when you're an adult

me, legally an adult:
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like don't get me wrong, I do still think we should provide basic necessities. I just also think we should defenestrate all rich people (in both meanings) and distribute their wealth to the masses, and have democratic control of all industries and "corporations" by the people who work in them.

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@jacethechicken my mom told me that too. she was wroooooong

why do adults/parents keep saying that? is there some kind of boomer meme about it that's been handed down somehow despite being demonstrably untrue?

I was wondering the same thing. I think it's because you're supposed to accumulate wealth as you grow older and then care about nothing but protecting it.

guess they fucked that up with our generation

@enchantedsleeper @troodon @jacethechicken it's more like, you're supposed to understand How The World Works™️

@enchantedsleeper @troodon @jacethechicken so if you're a conservative, you understand how the world works (aka you have to earn your money and make a happy family), if you're not you're an ignorant parasite trying to live off other people's earnings, and there's no in between or anything else

@jacethechicken I used to be a centrist shit lib when I was in high school and now I'm a DSA member so lmao at that bullshit expression

@radicalrobit @jacethechicken i literally dont know a single person my age who has become more conservative as they aged lol

@dankwraith @jacethechicken I'm friends with a libertarian and over the last few years even he's been like college loans are bullshit they should be covered and laughing at politicians that don't believe in climate change or those that fight against vaccinations so idk what he is now but he is not more conservative.

@jacethechicken i once saw someone say about this concept smthn to the effect of "people don't actually get more conservative as they get older, they get more conservative as they get richer. and because of end stage capitalism there is no longer a correlation between age and capital gain" and honestly that take made me finally understand a lot of middle/upper class boomer behavior

@jacethechicken conservative philosophies are largely very contradictory and involve a lot of denying reality. it makes sense that intelligent, previously liberal people would turn to right wing politics as they gain capital, because that's an easier alternative than either a) giving up said capital, or b) acknowledging the awful ethical and environmental consequences of rich american living

@jacethechicken the use of intelligent here is not great :/ i think maybe educated (specifically about world affairs, science, ethics) is more what i meant

@myconidiosyncracy @jacethechicken Plus, poor lefties tend to, you know, not have access to good health care and other things that keep you from reaching old age

@BestGirlGrace @jacethechicken the fact that, historically, leftist organizers get jailed (plus just outright killed) and radical leftists in general are deplatformed and made the targets of propaganda has gotta also have a major effect. like there are plenty of old leftists, they've just been systemically silenced

@jacethechicken one of my bosses used to say that to me in canada, then he moved to USA and now he's a rabid socialist

I'm well past technically an adult and I've only gone left over time

Me, age 34: Take everything that was stolen from us! Worker's rights! :acab:

I'd say that as I've become older, I've perhaps become more conservative.

Me as a teen: revolution now, overthrow capitalism, murder everyone complicit.

Me as a mellow, conservative thirty-something: revolution now, overthrow capitalism, maybe don't commit a zillion murders. Just the necessary ones.

@jacethechicken I've always found the idea of become more conservative as you age to be such a cop out :/ like... the implication is that you just stop caring about the people around u or whatever? it's really sad to me
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