it's not a "holier-than-thou" complex if I really am holier than thou. I'm literally a minor deity, my baseline holiness stat beats basically any mortal but the Pope.

@applebaps @jacethechicken I would pay to see this fight even tho I know applebaps got it just bc f*ck the pope or w/e

@deme @jacethechicken announcer voice: they called it an exhibition but really.... it's a MASSACRE. OH THE HUMANITY

@deme @jacethechicken i'm like hovering in midair meditating serenely, rays of light wafting off of me caressing the crowd and filling everyone with peaceful harmonious feelings of connectedness to the universe

the pope is like panting and sweating trying to hold up a big cross staff thing and nobody's buying it


@applebaps @jacethechicken *sports commentator voice* Now, what makes this fight interesting is you would expect to see the pope tag out after getting so horribly brutalized so quickly into the match. Makes you think the big guy just doesn't care for his partner here

@deme @applebaps I'm not sure if I could take the pope on a pure Holiness contest, but I'd definitely beat his ass in bareknuckle boxing -- I literally have uncountably infinite hands!

@jacethechicken I feel like you're forgetting about Mr. Rogers.

@jacethechicken I have never stopped needing a man like Mr. Rogers in my life. I am very happy to have been among the children who grew up with him.

I still tear up to this song:

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