never thought I'd live to see an interaction between Jim Carrey, Mussolini's granddaughter, and Anthony Fantano

OCR Output 

g Jim Carrey @ @JimCarrey - 1d
ey If you're wondering what fascism leads
to, just ask Benito Mussolini and his
mistress Claretta.

03,261 tisk 044k a

Alessandra Mussolini @Ale_Mu... - 12h

You are a bastard

©2626 11084 03677 {fy
(™) music boy @ @theneedledrop - 33m
\2) my grandfather and his family hightailed
4 it outta Sicily because of your shithead

grandfather. go to hell.

would have said this earlier if i knew you
were on twitter. sorry for the delay,

O16 me) © 642

@jacethechicken what the fuck this is real? I thought this was a shitpost someone made up

@jacethechicken if you flip the photo around, it looks like they're on a rollercoaster

@jacethechicken *to the tune of Punk'd* This is Alvin Toffler and you're watching "Future Shock"

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