argue in good faith with a crypto-fascist and they'll be like, "what the fuck, you are what you say you are? you'd just say what you actually believe like that ??"

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@jacethechicken it's like being gay in a first-person shooter with voice chat in the 90s. (source: thought I was gay in the 90s, played those games)

"you're gay!"
"yes and?"
"[sfx: brain explodey]"


"In the short term we can't eliminate private corporations"

fuckin watch me M8

uspol adjacent, birdsite, captioning 

re:lrt: Twitter post from Evan McMullan:
"This is an actual line from the Democratic Socialists of America:

'In the short term we can't eliminate private corporations, but we can bring them under greater democratic control.'

They call themselves socialists because they are socialists."


uspol adjacent, birdsite, captioning 

@troodon soz my bad, I meant to tag OCRbot

re: uspol adjacent, birdsite, captioning 

@jacethechicken no prob, just my personal thing about not reposting images without adding captions if they don't have them already. :)

@jacethechicken damn it, how could we have known that they would actually read what the public website says that we want people to read!!


@jacethechicken i just love how he picks the most milquetoast, uninspired line from the dsa to talk about how theyre "dangerous socialists" or whatever
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