hey remember when the Panama Papers came out and showed that most of the rich people in the world are part of an enormous conspiracy to dodge taxes and hoard all their money, and then literally nothing came of it

also one of the journalists involved in exposing it was


@jacethechicken What were we going to do, jail the rich and nuke tax shelters until they cough up the cash?

@starbreaker @jacethechicken I think you're off to a good start with "jail the rich" given thats what tends to happen to us mere mortals for tax evasion.

@starbreaker @jacethechicken I can't see much need to do anything to the shelter countries themselves, if you have the person who ostensibly controls the assets in captivity it's just a matter of convincing them to do the right thing and cease being rich.

@IrisKalmia @jacethechicken The problem is that the tax shelters might justify refusal to allow imprisoned rich people to transfer their assets back home by claiming that their clients are making transfers "under duress".

The nuclear option is necessary so that if Switzerland or the Cayman Islands play the "under duress" card we can show them what duress looks like.

@starbreaker @IrisKalmia @jacethechicken uhmm... no though. That's very clearly not a problem. The rich folx can just deal with losing all their money???

@slightlyflightyone @IrisKalmia @jacethechicken

If the rich could "just deal" with losing their unearned wealth, they wouldn't have bankrolled almost a century of conservative, right-libertarian, and neoliberal propaganda. The rich don't "just deal" with anything.

@slightlyflightyone @starbreaker @jacethechicken I think Matthew feels the threat of nuclear weapons would be earnestly required because the moneynumbers in and of itself is the important part rather than the concept of a few people hoarding a massive quantity of abstracted labor as a power base.

The theory seems to be that the swiss or caymen banks may refuse to release the money as the account holders are captives, and that this is vital to prevent.

@jacethechicken embargo all tax javens and seaze the evader's wealth


I mean it was nice to have proof but I don't think it had as big an impact as they thought it would have because I mean like anyone with 2 or more functioning brain cells was already pretty sure that rich people were playing the system and hoarding money away.

I mean these rich people can still sleep at night knowing that thousands of kids are suffering while they kicked and screamed at Congress to avoid raising their taxes by a dime.

Follow up to the Panama Papers 

Follow up to the Panama Papers 

Follow up to the Panama Papers 

Panama papers 

Panama papers 

@jacethechicken is it really a ”conspiracy to dodge taxes”, or is it ”make advantageous personal financial decisions”?

@jacethechicken Dear Social Justice Warriors: 1) The Panama Papers implicated nowhere near "most" of the world's "rich people"; 2) Not all of the information disclosed was illegal or unethical; 3) Worrying about how other people use their money will not make your life or the world in general any better.

@papa @jacethechicken lol because hoarding wealth is somehow ethical 😂 got it

@papa Dear Person Who Unironically Says Social Justice Warriors in the Year of our Lord 2019:

1) fuck off back to 2013
2) nobody wants you in their mentions
3) go lick more rich people's boots lmaoo

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