stop downloading stuff, jfc Jacie

I also have 200gb of solid state drive which is mostly full, btw. I should prolly move some shit off that, but I'm worried about fucking up anything that refers to the file things are in

Get an HDD if you're gonna be storing media, there's no point in wasting ssd space for it and it'll be cheaper ^β€’^ that way you can run your os and programs faster

@dragon oh yeah all this bs is on my HDD, I have a terabyte of HDD and a 250 SSD

I need to take some stuff off my SSD, but like I said it's mostly programs and I don't wanna mess up anything that refers to them

Oh sorry x) my hazy brain isn't good at parsing sentences ^^' you'll probably be fine if you just keep the directory tree the same (or relink everything but that's annoying)

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