@jacethechicken *plays a wicked guitar riff like the Alien Ant Farm cover*
*priest shushes me*

I've never pronounced it hym-in-al before... but I'm pretty sure I will for the rest of my days now.

@Matr the way I've been pronouncing it to fit the meter is just holding the n for a long time -- "n" is a voiced consonant, so you can give it sound and hold it like a vowel. It sounds like you're saying "hy-min-al," but you have your tongue on the roof of your mouth as soon as you stop making the m sound.

@Matr it's weird to have "mn" be a syllable in English, but since both M and N are voiced it's not unheard of

@jacethechicken Particularly proud of this one, eh?

You should be. I laughed again.

Funny the first time and funny every time.

@jacethechicken Tinkerbell could sprinkle fairy dust on me while I look at this or think about it and I'm confident I would be able to fly

@monorail Cremeaux is way harder to force to be 3 syllables than hymnal tbh

@jacethechicken Mary, are you OK?
So, Mary are you OK?
Are you OK, Mary?

@jacethechicken I haven't exploded in spontaneous giggling that hard since the winter of 69

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