me: [at the podium at Soulja Boy's funeral]
I'd like to read you something that Soulja wrote, and that really affected me personally.
[clears throat, sniffling slightly]
I'm so fresh, you can suck my nuts,
I'm so fresh. . . you can suck my nuts.

audience: [through tears] Swag.

gonna boost this post at least once a week for all time until y'all give it the respect it deserves !!

when Soulja Boy actually dies this is gonna seem really tasteless but you know I'll go dig it up and boost it anyways

@jacethechicken im SO mad that this one got slept on because i think of it every single fucking day

The Superman 


Instead of dust to dust, homie nuts on the coffin and throws a sheet over it.

@jacethechicken he's in heaven now, where he can just superman that ho forever in peace amen

@jacethechicken Soulja Boy's Life's Work Will Be Defined By "Yahhh (ft. Arab)", Not Any Other Song

celebrity death 

@jacethechicken boosting this, then unboosting it while I check if soulja boy has or has not indeed passed away, then boosting it again when I confirm he is still in fact alive

celebrity death 

@wenom when/if soulja boy dies, I *will* be boosting this again

@riles not to brag but i think its one of the funniest things i've ever put to word

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