He has 70,000 teeth, and everything he says comes true. he is a Euclid-class SCP, and he is loose.

@jacethechicken ah they all got jokes but I'm hiding in my skip until all this blows over

@toni @Dayglochainsaw that's not where I particularly found it, but it's a pretty popular image that did rounds on the internet a few weeks ago so I wouldn't be surprised

@jacethechicken i bet he's got the regular amount of teeth, but they're counting the fact that he's probably on like thousands of buses.
Those are duplicate teeth, wake up America!

So if you look closely, you can visibly see pain on his face.

There's something wrong, and he knows exactly what it is. He wants to think it's not true, that it'll all blow over without anything happening. But he knows that he can't be wrong.

@jacethechicken So their ad means that 22K people are using their stuff? This is pathetic.

@jacethechicken I mean, if you were really trying to say "70,000 teeth can't be wrong", why is there a comma after teeth?

@jacethechicken they're also about to turn 70000 people into teeth, depending on how you read it

@jacethechicken He has a twin brother who also has 70,000 teeth but can't be right. You may ask one question.

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