reasons I can make fun of white people:
- I am white people
- Racism against white people isn't a thing
- You literally don't need a reason
- Anyone can make fun of white people at any time for any reason

@jacethechicken [the "you can alway use an italian accent" meme but it's "you can always make fun of white people"]

@JohnBrownJr @jacethechicken
White people are valid targets for racial humor because of the the "punch up, not down" rule.
It's still not ok to use someone's privilege as an excuse to judge them as an individual based on their race. it's genuinely hurtful to be told "you're probably white enough to shoot up a school." i don't like being seen as someone who might shoot up a school just because of my skin tone. it's not cool. please don't do it.

@jacethechicken "You can't be racist against white people."
Me, a white person: "Challenge accepted!"

@jacethechicken @jacethechicken I try not to do that honestly, because I don't want to like, distance myself from my level of white privilege, y'know? It feels like evading responsibility or something.

@eat_cops @jacethechicken i would disagree that making fun of shitty white people necessarily distances someone from identifying their own privilege. If anything I'd say probably helps identify privilege in many cases.


I take issue with "for any reason"

like, if you make fun of white people for being black... that's not a good reason

@jacethechicken thank you for this post, I’ll show it before I make fun of a white person

@jacethechicken white people are irredeemably bad and there is no recourse


- People keep saying we can be controlled by cheese and every time I go hog wild over cheese I'm reminded that it's true reasons I can make fun of niggers
-I am a nigger
-Racism against subhumans isn't a thing
-You literally don't need a reason
-Anyone can make fun of niggers at any time for any reason

racism against a different race is still racism.
shut the fuck up headless chicken

@yolo what are you expecting me to say in response to this? I'm gonna block you and mute your instance, but before I do that please explain your intended goal -- I'm genuinely curious what reaction you were fishing for here. i wasn't trying to get a reaction, i was mirroring your logic to make a point.
i don't see why you seem so defensive considering i absolutely agreed with what you said and applied it to another situation

@yolo hmm, that doesn't look like your dick! please post one (1) dick pic to receive a reply.

@jacethechicken With you *except* for the bit about racism against white people.
It *is* a thing.
It's just not that *big* a thing, and most of it's almost certainly collectively self-inflicted by white people being dicks on a large scale.
Sorry; it's just a persistent meme that bugs the shit out of me.
But if you want an easy in for making fun of white people, start with them dancing.

@eldergoth @jacethechicken technically correct is not a useful kind of correct for this shit

@eldergoth I'm not in an arguing mood, but white people don't experience racism in any meaningful way. Racism isn't like it is in Crash, with bad people bumping into each other and shouting tropes. it's caused by systemic issues in our society, a privilege and power that white people have which goes far deeper than words. The n-word has centuries of abuse and power struggles backing it up; calling a white person "mayonnaise boy" isn't just 'less bad,' it's not even in the same group.

@jacethechicken Entirely true, and I agree - the *scale* is a whole other matter. I haven't seen Crash, though so I'll take your word for how it's shown there.
I just can't get behind any assertion that "this isn't racism because that person is <insert racial background here>." Racism is racism, all around the world, whatever the scale.

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