goddamn this is now far and away my best toot, wow. I never thought I'd surpass "Sweet Dreams are Made of Bees" or "Bigfoot Cucked Neil DeGrasse Tyson"

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y'all really out here boosting this a full month and a half after I posted it??

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@jacethechicken This toot secured an alliance with a rival feifdom >:)

@jacethechicken holy shit I don't know how I missed it til now, it's a great one

@jacethechicken I will unboost and reboost every time I see this untill my computer breaks this is my solemn vow.

@Frinkeldoodle yeah, but I posted it in October! It hadn't gotten any boosts for like a month, and then overnight someone found it and it started getting boosted a bunch again


I write the link to the post on bathroom stall walls.

@jacethechicken What is this redefinition of marriage nonsense? Unless the Flamen Dialis watches you eat Spelt cake, you're living in sin.

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