goddamn this is now far and away my best toot, wow. I never thought I'd surpass "Sweet Dreams are Made of Bees" or "Bigfoot Cucked Neil DeGrasse Tyson"

y'all really out here boosting this a full month and a half after I posted it??

@jacethechicken We need more of these. And feuds. More feuds. Over chicken.

@jacethechicken This toot secured an alliance with a rival feifdom >:)

@jacethechicken holy shit I don't know how I missed it til now, it's a great one

@jacethechicken I will unboost and reboost every time I see this untill my computer breaks this is my solemn vow.

This reminds me of a fun fact about marriages that secured alliances, partially in Europe I think.

Since a marriage is only official once consummated, people used to watch it happen.

There was also a problem when children where married off for alliances, to "consummate" their marriage they would sit in bed and hold hands for around half an hour or so

source, em the no such thing as a fish podcast I think, details bit hazy.

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