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here it is fuckers!!! It's my Horses in the Back meme. you must watch it, it's the law of the land.

(cw: video selfie, very stupid joke, im adorable tho)

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liberal feminists: why aren't there more Women Billionaires?

me: why arent there 0 fuxkgin billionaires ??

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me: [at the podium at Soulja Boy's funeral]
I'd like to read you something that Soulja wrote, and that really affected me personally.
[clears throat, sniffling slightly]
I'm so fresh, you can suck my nuts,
I'm so fresh. . . you can suck my nuts.

audience: [through tears] Swag.

idk how people manage to crack their phones so badly. I drop my phone on the tile floor all the time. do y'all just not have a case that extends past the screen, or are you dropping it from like 3 stories??

reasons The Southern Raiders is the best episode of A:TLA: Show more

reasons The Southern Raiders is the best episode of A:TLA: Show more

MTG, new card Show more

Stonewall mural, trans, + Show more

honestly cbd oil tastes like I'd imagine the ass of a weird creature from the woods would tase like

limp bizkit's song "rollin" is very trans inclusive.
Hey ladies (where you at?)
Hey fellas (where you at?)
And the people that don't give a fuck (where you at?)"

cleaned up the linework a bit! and added a 5'6" person for scale. I've never seen a 4'5" person with such Tall Energy

it's so nice outside, but the AC in the science & engineering building is way too god damn high, and it feels like a fuckin walk-in fridge. I'm dying scoob

why are they so bad at climate controlling this building, in April they didn't turn the heat off when it was like 60 outside and we were sweating, and I can't decide which was worse

y'all remember when Kesha made a pop hit with a 4:3 Polyrhythm that goes over the barline??

listen to We R Who We Are again, specifically the synth line and pre-chorus vocals, while counting the 4/4 measures. it's wild.

I like that she made herself just tall enough that you can see it's slightly disproportionate, but still shorter than almost all humans. She wants you to know she could've been taller than you, but doesn't need to.

yes, she is wearing a tool bandalier. it makes sure she always has the write Allen key. or her gas torch. whichever.

a "quick" (took me over an hour) sketch of The Shrike, my newest d&d NPC!

she's a gnome artificer who makes automatons; she has a cute but not-a-pushover East European accent; she's extremely polite and meticulous; she follows a strict etiquette (sorta subset of the faux-familiar and polite Thieve's Cant in my universe), and expects you to do the same; she values good design, and thinks form and function are the same thing; and she'll impale you on a harpoon if you trespass or break her stuff.

tourism motto of Scotland: "welcome tae scotland, we dinny want you here. absolutely dæsgœstin'!"

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