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reasons I can make fun of white people:
- I am white people
- Racism against white people isn't a thing
- You literally don't need a reason
- Anyone can make fun of white people at any time for any reason

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Hard to believe I still don't have 500 followers yet on this acct!! I mean come on, I'm fuckiign great

no nut november is a psy op orchestrated by the catholic church

mr mimes new look triggers my fight or flight and fills me with fear and adrenaline

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""I've never sneezed. Not once in my entire life. Like. . . Is everybody just messing with me? Because it's not funny. Guys. . . is sneezing real?"

--President Obama's 2008 inagrial addresses"

--Jace the Chicken, late August

happy transgender awareness week!

| aware of transgender |
| pls pet transgender |

"Any dietary restrictions?"
"Yes, I'm vaguean."
"You mean... vegan?"
"No. Vaguean."
"Okay. What do you eat?"
"Oh, a little of this, a little of that. You know. Stuff."

you lift the lid of my skull.

you peer inside.

a single slice of garlic bread.

@frinkeldoodle Hey @lynnesbian, you're being subtooted here.

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