Hey @LemmyDev , the official instance (lemmy.ml) seems to be federating with a known tankie instance (lemmygrad[.]ml):

That instance has several... problematic... threads, for example celebrating Stalin and denying Uyghur genocide.

Do you perhaps see this as a problem?

@rysiek ah, i see you don't believe in debating both sides of issues.

@rysiek also what if the uyghur genocide is happening, but is also being used by the hegemony of captial-backed, rules-based international order as an excuse for sinophobia and to back yet another separatist movement to prompt destabilisiation of a competitor? what if, instead of both sides, it's neither?

@binchicken @rysiek well yeah. Can't we all just agree that the Uyghur genocide IS happening, but that fact is being weaponized by the NATO propaganda machine to manufacture consent for possible future wars?


@schratze @rysiek sure, but it's still not the same until we normalise defederating from instances that do consent-manufacturing with the aim to do another round of funding for the mujahadeen equivalent dujour.

@schratze @rysiek the usual hashtag resistance instances that folks like you and i don't federate with because of the other things they manufacture consent for, but are still considered acceptable in polite society

@schratze i feel bad for forgetting to untag @rysiek, but not bad enough to edit my previous posts.

@schratze @rysiek i actually like centrism, but only when it comes to accepting that both sides are bad and that we should treat them both like they are bad

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