AND ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE ADDAMS FAMILY MOVIES…. they got the character of morticia addams ALL wrong. she is more serious than gomez, yes, but she isn’t as emotionally distant as they try to portray her as

same with the kiddos. they are outright cruel in the movies. this is not a character change that i appreciate, and i appreciate it less the older i get

the whole addams family is strange and unusual, but they are not cruel. that is a fundamental trait of them that the movies lack. they got gomez alright i suppose, out of all the characters, but everyone else has this modern attitude of mean spiritedness that just totally misses the mark


@shade yes! the main takeaway from my vague memories of the show is that they were warm, genuine, supportive and wholesome and helped each-other navigate the world.

@binchicken yea!! i hate how the kids are mean to each other in the movies bc in the tv show they are so good. there’s a whole episode where wednesday runs away and lives under pugsley’s bed, they don’t TORTURE each other smh

same with morticia and gomez. morticia is a very loving and openly kind mother, even tho she has an air of seriousness about her

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